Just a guy

Logic of the Insane
2001-11-29 22:04:56 (UTC)


As we enter this world as infants we are born with
certain "knowns" or "givens." I am telling you today that
there is no given in life. Make no assumptions about
anything, because at any moment, any person can turn on you
and any thing can break or go wrong. One of my "givens" was
that my father was out for my best intrests, although I may
not like it. Last night, however, my father, attempting to
show that he could force me to do anything, punched me in
the sternum for not going into the sanctuary at our church.
In a church, this man punched me, with no restraint on
strength in the chest. I am this man's son, and in return
he is my dad. What kind of father lashes out over a little
matter like this just because people are around? I will
tell you, a bad one. So I said it, struggling to take each
breath. He then grabbed my hair and pulled me several feet
until I met the wall. I stumbled to rise and show him that
I could always get back up and that I will never go
willingly under his power, but when I looked up, he was
gone. I walked, as proudly as I could, into the service and
sat thinking the entire time of revenge. I realized that I
would not go far on this path so I went into the church
office and sat in a chair. It was in that chair that I
realized how bad the pain was, every time I tried to
breath. Tears came to my eyes, not out of my father hitting
me, but of the fear of dying.
That is not the point though, I am fine today, yet
with every deep breath a sharp pain shoots through my
chest. But take my advice, don't assume anything about
anyone or anything. Till next time.