Squeeb's world
2001-11-29 21:59:58 (UTC)


I just got informed that I haven't had an entry in awhile. I
realized that, I've just been getting sidetracked. Ok, so
what's new. Well let's start with my baby. I talked to him
on Monday night and the guy is such a goof. Can we say
hormonal much?! He was sooo being a guy. But it was cute.
Then the whole conversation turned serious and we were
talking about my loyalty and he told me how grateful he was
for me being so loyal to him for so long. I almost
squealed. It's nice to know he appreciates me. BLUSH. And we
were talking about how I defend him so much and he was all
like "Who's cutting me down now?" It was kinda amusing.
Ok so then Tuesday night I get dragged to see the new
Brad Pitt movie "Spy Game". I'm not a big Brad Pitt fan to
begin with so the only things that got me through that movie
were the 30 second trailer for "Black Hawk Down", the new
Josh Hartnett movie- that guy is a GOD, I swear- so frickin
hot. And then there was the 3 minute sighting of the Petes.
Tiff'll be happy cuz I saw her man. I saw about 10 of them.
So later I got a nice background wallpaper of my Joshy
half-naked- soooo pretty.
Ok, now here's something that's been bothering me. Kim's
been telling me lately that I need to get me some more
friends. I have friends! I just choose not to get attached
to too many of them because I end up getting ditched or hurt
or something. Lord knows I've been going through enough of
that lately with Jess.
I went Christmas shopping again. Once again I was pretty
unproductive. I did however manage to finish getting Kim's
Christmas and birthday presents so that's good.
Anyhoo hockey tonight so I should get my ass in gear and
get me something to eat. Later gator!

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