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2001-11-29 21:32:15 (UTC)

When I Kiss Your Mouth....

Another extremely normal day at school. Oh great Mark T.
just upset me with his insensitivity, i hate that. Guys can
be such pains, i hope he falls down the stairs. I have a
night basketball practice. Oh yes, I did indeed make the
basketball team again, everyone has been asking me that,
and I knew I was going to, but theres the answer, yes I
did. sometimes I can't get my mind off Jared, i
dont know why. And it's like I don't even care about Brad
anymore, maybe it was the lack of progress?But, I dunno, I
always find myself looking for Jared n stuff now. I found
out he is a drummer in a band....i cant really picture him
in a band, but o well. Today we watched parts of this play,
maybe I'll convince Joe M. to go with me Sat. night after

I feel like I barely know my friends anymore. It's like I
sleep thru and am playing bball thru a few weekends and
theyre all getting into smoking n bad shyt like that.

Ahh alot more happened today but I'll have to add later,
too many people talking, and must get ready for basketball
practice, and show my mom my report card. shyt i still
gotta do my history hw

iuv this kid, its james
XipunchfloorsX [3:58 PM]: i hate smoking
XipunchfloorsX [3:58 PM]: i know
LuvAble2O1 [3:59 PM]: amanda informed me that me her
marisa n joe were gonna be smoking pot AT MY HOUSE very
LuvAble2O1 [3:59 PM]: i was like no.....
LuvAble2O1 [3:59 PM]: and im pretty sure joe objected
XipunchfloorsX [3:59 PM]: u heard about Joe last year
XipunchfloorsX [4:00 PM]: when he...
LuvAble2O1 [4:00 PM]: when he what
XipunchfloorsX [4:00 PM]: smoked weed
LuvAble2O1 [4:00 PM]: not really. i know he had done it
atleast once before and doesnt nemore, but i never really
asked nething more about it
LuvAble2O1 [4:00 PM]: was he like a druggie kid
LuvAble2O1 [4:00 PM]: who did it alot?
XipunchfloorsX [4:01 PM]: nono just that 1 or 2 times
LuvAble2O1 [4:01 PM]: have u ever
XipunchfloorsX [4:01 PM]: no!
XipunchfloorsX [4:01 PM]: sorry got a little excited lol
LuvAble2O1 [4:01 PM]: lol ok jus makin sure
XipunchfloorsX [4:01 PM]: no i never have or ever will
XipunchfloorsX [4:02 PM]: yup
LuvAble2O1 [4:02 PM]: same w/ everything else?
LuvAble2O1 [4:02 PM]: alcohol
XipunchfloorsX [4:02 PM]: never even sipped it
LuvAble2O1 [4:02 PM]: r u ever going to
LuvAble2O1 [4:02 PM]: i havent either
LuvAble2O1 [4:02 PM]: but
XipunchfloorsX [4:02 PM]: no
LuvAble2O1 [4:03 PM]: i probably will try it one day
XipunchfloorsX [4:03 PM]: thats fine,as long as its
within limitations
XipunchfloorsX [4:03 PM]: not my thing though
LuvAble2O1 [4:03 PM]: i kno, ur 100% sXe, rite?
LuvAble2O1 [4:03 PM]: no caffeine either?
XipunchfloorsX [4:05 PM]: yeah
LuvAble2O1 [4:05 PM]: i think thats awesome
XipunchfloorsX [4:05 PM]: no caffeine
XipunchfloorsX [4:06 PM]: i used to be a vegan too lol
but that was too much
LuvAble2O1 [4:06 PM]: lol. our friend amanda d. i think
might be one
LuvAble2O1 [4:06 PM]: im not sure
XipunchfloorsX [4:06 PM]: actually i think she is
XipunchfloorsX [4:06 PM]: Britt told me i think