pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
2001-11-29 21:32:07 (UTC)

does it help?

do diary's help?
if so, then how?
you write what you think
you write what you say
you tell without picture
but who is it you're telling?
there's no one on the otherside to listen
to relate
to give oppinion
to advise
what are they for, diary's?
how did they come to be?
my secrets have not been revealed
and those who choose to share
are looking for a place to return to
a place where no one can tell them what to do
no one can tell them what they don't want to hear
so why am i here writing my thoughts?
i seek to find the opposite
i seek to find a one
who can tell me what i don't want to hear
to give me the dose of reality
rub it in my face and then guide me thorught it
to make me tell what is REALLY bothering me
i've been this for some
but no one yet for me.