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2001-11-29 21:29:05 (UTC)

Life is an interesting thing...

Right, so I was at school the day before yesterday, and I
was standing waiting for a seat to open so I could sit down.
Then Jeff was like, sit here, 'cuz there was an empty seat
next to him. I felt bad 'cuz Tracy was standing next to me,
and I wasn't going to sit down until she had a seat. So
right then a seat opened up next to the one that I was
supposed to sit in, but as soon as I went to go sit down,
Jeff was like NO!?!?!?! Tom's going to sit there, and he
told me to sit in the other one that opened up... well,
tracy had already sat down. So I went over and sat at the
Freshman table. Not bad or anything, I sat next to Jimmy
and across from Little Eric. (Steve had just left to go
hackey) So I was a little bummed, but not a big deal or
anything, I see him after every hour anyways... *smile*
anyhow... so I sat there and ate my lunch. We were all
talking and suddenly Jimmy was just squeezing his juice box
and his juice got all over his sleeve. It was so funny. I
almost cried 'cuz I was laughing so hard. Then came fifth
hour... not cool... I was just suddenly... not happy?! Is
that even possible? I have no idea why I wasn't happy, I
just wasn't... so I went through fifth and sixth hour bummed
out... and then I walked home with Anthony... got to my
house... went online... didn't feel like talking to
anyone... so I slept... for two and a half hours... I woke
up at 6... and had cold pizza for dinner... So yeah, that
was pretty much my Tuesday... Then comes WEDNESDAY!!!
Right, today is bowling day! School went fine, I was happy
today, but who isn't happy when they wear a rainbow skirt...
*wink* Anyhow... so Ellen's mom picked us up and we had to
stop at Dan's house so he could pick up his bowling ball and
bag... on the way there, Ellen's mom told us about her day,
and how busy it was, and how she helped out these poor
people and bought them gas and stuff... and how she made
brownies for us... and ellen was like, why did you make
brownies? and her mom was like, you told me to make
something, so I did... and then ellen said... (get this,
it's the best part!!!) so she said I only wanted you to
make something so you would get the underwear off of the
table... We were all cracking up! It was hillarious... Dan
was almost crying... I don't know, I bowled pretty good...
94, 99, 109... not my best or anything, but still good... I
think my rainbow skirt may be lucky... anyhow yeah, today at
school we found out what the measures were for our playing
test... thankfully ours is easy, but we have to go on the
first day... sucks to be us... oh well, that just means that
we get to go last next time... *smiles* Okey dokey then...
I'm going to stop... 'cuz this thing's really really long...
I might write something more later, but no one seems to
read this... so who knows...