Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-11-29 21:25:58 (UTC)


Hey again. Well, I haven't talked to Zack since Tuesday. I
think that I always ruin things for myself and make them
bigger than they really are. I talk to him on the phone
twice, and I suddenly think that I love him. I am such a
loser. I just hope that I get to talk to him tonite, it
really means a lot to me, and I really wanna do something
with him this weekend. I guess it will all work out the way
its supposed to. As Liz always says~ there isn't fate,
there is signs you are given, and it is all about how you
interperet and what you do about them. So I guess in my
situation I just need to get brave and call him, because I
got introduced to him, and I really like him, and nothing
is ever going to happen between us if I don't let him get
to know me. So ya I guess I just need to stop being a pus,
well thats what matie tells me anyways. I'll call him
later, when I know he will probably be home, but it's hard
to tell because he went to his sisters and since he doesnt
have to go to school(hes homeschooled) it could be any time
that he gets home. Hopefully he will call, and since tom.
is friday, we can make plans to do something. He said
before that he wanted to, but I mean how am I supposed to
make plans with him if I never call him. Gosh, I'll just
shutup now before I start crying again, just shoot me now.

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