Tiger Files (welcome to wonderland)
2001-11-29 21:23:41 (UTC)


I have come to the conclusion that my life is insane....

really it is has has absolutly no direction at all.

It just seems to be spireling to a calmination of
something..... or nothing.....

I wish God labled are forehead with a list of talents on
one side and future occupations on the other....

of course it would have to be backward writen in ink
only we can read so we could read them in the mirror....
also they should appear on our 18th birthday or

of course that could be really depressing. Like my
talent list would contane the words "none" and my
future occupation there would be "fat house wife" and/
or old bitchy shrew"

least I'll be bitchy hehehehe

what do you think?

whitetigerclaws out