listen to my silences
2001-11-29 21:15:46 (UTC)

short thoughts

kells is doing bearded ladies with us. yay!!! things with
her and josh are still strained. she and adrian are a
little better, i guess. not sure she knows for sure.

haven't talked to brodie...his screen name was on my list
yesterday and it was in dark letters which meant his
computer was in use, but i don't know how that could be
considering he was at work unless he was downloading

geoff seems to be doing a lot better. i certainly hope so
anyways. don't know how him and andrea are. hopefully
doing well. i think she's a very good thing for him.

mare is still frustrated with everything that's going on.
she doesn't know what she wants...well, she does but she
doesn't cause she can't have it right she's trying
to...i don't know...substitute or something...but it's not

brian (from work) just called me. he's such a sweetheart.
i feel bad cause i haven't called him since thanksgiving.
it was so funny, he left the greatest message on my cell.
anyways right before we hung up he was like "don't be a
stranger, ok?" i was like "um...ok" he said "no, i'm
serious." i said "ok, brian, i won't." it was kinda
funny. i don't know how he and amy are, if they are, or
what. i haven't worked in a week and two days, so i dont'
know really what's going on with everyone. i'll have to
ask brodie i guess. i don't know how i feel about brian.
i mean, i'm fine with him and amy being together.
seriously i am. which is weird for me cause i'm usually
not perfectly ok with it right away. but this...i don't
know...was different. is different. it's been different
from the start but...i don't know.

anyways, i have to go get ready for our first performance,
so i'm out.

final thought: there's something about the look in your
eyes, i noticed it when the light was just right, it
reminded me twice that i was alive, and it reminded me that
you're so worth the fight.

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