Forgotten Misery
2001-11-29 20:47:15 (UTC)

Rainy Day

I like rain but when its winter time and cold I rather it
snow rain is dark and depressing in the winter time. Burr
im so cold right now yet I think I have a fever but im not
to sure I cant find the themoter sniffle I cant breath out
of my nose I hate being sick so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My baby is suppossed to come see me tonight I really hope
he does see me this time I miss him and I need to be held!!
I swear this kid at school is stalking me it seems like
anywhere I go now he is there or finds a way to like walk
by me like hes looking for me and its really scary I mean I
dated this kid back in the day of elementary and junior
high and went on a date with him like last year out of
stupidity hes so ahhhh he just gives me the creeps im like
hello I have a boyfriend that I love so leave me the hell
alone. Well im freezin my um never mind im out