dismal life
2001-11-29 20:44:27 (UTC)

f*ck it all...

I am so seriously ready to dump mike...I know I said I
loved him so much and all but I CAN'T DEAL WITH HIS
BULLSHIT LIES! AHHH! I wanna kill someone...

I met this guy on the internet..He seems pretty cool. I
went to his website and -woah-...He's pretty cute too!

Prom tomorrow...BLAH! I don't wanna go...I just wanna sit
home and smoke pot =)

I'm sick and tired of embracing reflections of past time
receive me or cast me away
resistance futile suicidal ideas I will crucify my own
being satisfy selfish needs fuck the deities justify my own
right to what's waiting for me...

I WANT TO DIE! I hate my life