Forgotten Boy

permanent damage
2001-11-29 20:07:38 (UTC)

This is my 3rd post

This is my 3rd post's been a slow day obviously.
Watching the hens cackle as they put up the office
Christmas tree,,,at least I get to see D. bend over
over...she's pretty taste I must say....wouldn't mind seein
her in some boots o'spanish leather. Anyway,I depress.....
Been looking at tons o'pics o'goth chicks lately....don't
know why..find the whole thing rather cartoonish tho sum
o'them be's pretty hot....fishnets and all....yeah! Now I'm
gettin all randy and need a good bj'r. One more gawdawful
hour to get thru than I can go home,smoke and play the
fuckin piano till I can't stand it no more....