An inside look(AHHH)
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2001-11-29 18:25:35 (UTC)

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Well hi, i am kinda new at all this writing thing, i'll
probably just use it to vent when i get mad or just to
write if i need to say something and i dont want to
actually talk about it. I have a real problem with most of
the people who go to my high school i am stuck way out here
int he middle of nowhere with about 575 people that i
absolutely can't stand and i would rather scrub my nipples
with and SOS pad than to spend another bloddy moment with
these ignorant people. I hate my school but not
necessarily my life. I have a good life i think, i make
good grades and i work and i play sports, mostly soccer.
Soccer is everything to me, i eat it breathe it and sleep
it i want to go to college and play some day, but who knows
maybe i will. Society is something that i overanalyze and
i do it so often. I analyze society and i try to figure out
the ignorant people, i dont see why i bother caring
honestly, thought i may seem hard and sarcastic on the
outside i am pretty soft and a nice person on the inside,
it's just a matter of getting to know me. Other than my
few close friends at school and my other friends outside of
school and my family, no one really knows who i am, well i
think that if you really want to know me, you should read
this journal of mine. I intend to let you in on my life, my
secrets and maybe even a couple of things you dont want to
know. The truth hurts and sometimes the harsh reality of
things can hurt, well even though i dont intend to hurt on
purpose i may. Well sometimes people in society surprise
me and do things out of their nature and characteristic
traits. Today at lunch a freshman apologized to me for
laughing at the pants i wore the other day b/c they were
ripped, she said "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, it's just
that everyone else was, I'm really sorry." I was touched
even though i might have seemed unwavering in my response,
which was "dont worry about it." Sometimes people do things
and they don't know why they do it, they are jhust
compelled to be forgiving or merciful or even guilty that
they did something. Deep down inside we all have these
feelings and whether i want to believe it or not, i guess
some people at my school actually have feelings and are
semi-human also. Well thats about all i have to say, i
would like it if people read what i wrote and i will keep
this journal going so if you want something to read every
now and then check me out, my life isnt exactly that
exciting all the time but i'll try to keep it interesting.
See ya'll.

-the jennster

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