life thru my eyes
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2001-11-29 17:56:54 (UTC)

No use crying over spilt milk. (but it got all over me)

So far, my day has not exactly gone as planned. Well, it
hasn't all been awful, this morning was actually kinda
nice. However, lunch was right out of the Trama Ramas in
Teen Magazine. Well, i can't deny the fact that i laughed
at myself too...ok, it was really funny. Don't laugh to
hard when u read it. I was about to be late to class from
lunch but i wasn't done with my rice krispie treat and milk
so i just took it with me to eat as i walked down the
hall. i had my milk in my hand with the rice krispie treat
behind it. as i went to take i bite i dumped the milk all
over the floor, all over my purse, and some of it landed on
my favorite white shirt. i had to hide myself behind CJ
until i got out of the cafeteria. but i laughed just as
much as the rest of my friends that saw so i don't really
care. Oh and yes, it was chocolate milk...brown stain.

I'm writing this entry about my wonderful day here in the
computer room at school...i'm working so hard aren't I?
Anyways, all my favorite annoying people r sitting directly
to my left. thank goodness jenna is inbetween me and them,
she's blocking my hate vibes. this is another one of those
times i just want to jump up and yell at them and tell them
how loud and obnoxious they r.

on top of them annoying the Krap out of me (mom says that
Krap is worse than crap) i miss kevin real bad. There r
only three people in my life that understand me and he is
the main one. Whenever i feel like Krap he can make me
feel all better. well, jenna makes me feel better by
saying funny mean stuff about them but we can't pick on
their ignorance right now if they're sitting right there.
plus she's doing actual class work...for once. just
kidding jenna, but u know its true. and don't think we're
horrible for saying mean things about them, its just such
an easy target.

Anyways, i'm trying to come up with something entertaining
about my day to write about but wait....nothing
entertaining has happened...except the chocolate milk
insident. well, they annoying people r getting close to my
computer so maybe i should talk about them anymore...hehe.
so i'll write later.

love everyone,