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2001-11-29 17:46:25 (UTC)

our "safe" school

again we were told our school was safe that nothing else
would happen here " ladies and gentalmen if i could just
have the attention of everyone in the school i would like
to make an annoucement Laurel High School is a safe place
dont worry we have cameras in every hallway and a good
staff of security LHS is safe so not worry go LHS " BULL
SHIT tell that to terry the person who got stabbed at my
school yesterday 2 guys rushed in stabbed him in his arm
and hit him on the head with a hammer he threw a desk at
them to protect himself it hit my friend sean. yea our
school is safe tell that to terry who got stabbed tell that
to sean who has blood on his shoes and a huge ass bruise
tell that 2 the bunch of kids who get jumped everyday who
get in fights tell that to josh who was robbed kevin and
billy who were punched and mike who had his nose broken our
school is safe yea right

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