Dreaming in Color
2001-11-29 17:38:07 (UTC)

Where are you if the rats can't find you?

Where indeed? I was awake until about 2 am last night
gluing fishing line to mirrors for a 3-D project...and he
actually liked it! Evil demon professor from the deepest
pits of hell wanted to keep my 3'x3'x3' box o' suspended
mirrors for some odd reason or another and even
photographed it!! I've been moving very slowly all morning
in order not to jar myself awake from this wonderful
dream. Well, I guess working in the sculpture building
with nothing but an Abba CD, a large dowel cube, my
lifesaver friend aka Kim, Max the mouse and whatever the
heck was moving in the really big pile of cardboard around
12:30am was worth it. Now time to face the wrath of math,
so to speak. Damn, I really need a 48 hour day.
Going camping on Saturday (hooray!) first of
December...tent and all. Steve said not even his big,
buff, "me-man-grrr-arg" personal trainer friends would go
camping with him in December. All I can say is that he had
better remember the marshmallows...
Jim, the most amazing professor in the world, not to
mention one of the most talented artists I've ever seen,
actually asked me, personally, to go to Italy with a select
group of people (not all students, either!) on a 2-week
summer trip. Granted, I won't be able to go (like 5,000
dollars is just going to appear in my jeans pocket next
time I use those industrial strength dryers in the
basement). However, despite the obvious disappointment
(everything from private instruction from world renound
artists, on-site landscaping, siteseeing and even wine
tasting in Assisi...I'm going to wipe the drool off of my
keyboard now) in not being able to afford it, it's still an
amazing honor to be asked. Maybe I won't spend drop out of
art school and work as a sidewalk artist for the rest of my
life! YESSSSS!!!
So, all in all, depsite some minor familial issues at
Thanksgiving, the fact that the apartment looks like a
tornado, or something equally cliche-ish, ran through it,
and it's still raining and I have to leave for math, life
is going along just swell. Who knows? I may even sleep
Speaking of sleep, I wonder if it is true that one
goes insane after 96 hours without any sleep whatsoever.
Kelly was going to try it this week, but she fell asleep
after dying her hair, again, last night. Well, there's
always next week...