2001-03-30 07:48:00 (UTC)

So................ We waited..


We waited for the next taxi, you know it was kind of
awkward actually thiniking back to it. We both did not know
what to do or what to expect..... When the taxi came I
decided to break this awkward silence by asking her about
tonight and what she thought of my friends, We ended up
having a great chat about how stuart was going to end up in
life....... ? It was a strange subject but let off a bit of
steam for what was going to happen tonight.

So we got to her house...... It was a nice summers evening
with a warm breeze rushing throught the street It felt
really pleasant actually.....
Once inside the house she asked if I wanted a cup of
coffee it was a classic case of the old cleshay. Well I
said yes and while she was preparing the coffees I went to
the living room, and proceeded to be a little nosy.. I
found her old record collection. It never occured to me
that she was a avid music listener but she had some really
cool vinyls like "abba" "Boney M" not to mention Michael
Jackson and numerous other records...

She came in the room and with anguish rushed over to me and
told me to not look in the cupboard becasue It was
embarassing, Well I reassured her that the same record
collection was available in my house and i guess she felt
at ease after that......

We sat there in the living room talking about the music and
how I remmebered when I was younger my parents would put
on "ABBA" just to see me dance.. She laughed (she had a
cute smile)...

As the night went on.
We took her stereo from her room and placed by the back
door to her garden and we listened to some of the old songs
from her collection that she taped...
Her garden was absolutly lush... The first 4 m of the
garden was patio and it had a canopy on it made out of
vines and roses beyond that was a beautifully laid out lawn
with flowers on either side of garden. It was really
soothing with the warm summer breeze and the crickets
softly cheerping in the background it was like it was ment
to be.....

So we decided to stay under the canopy and with a bit
of "Lionle Richie" and "romeo and Juleit soundtrack" from the
previous movie we watched, in the background. The coffee changed to
glasses of wine, Taken from her fathers prime wine cabinet
(I'm not sure if he knows even now that we took them!!) and we sat on
a blanket she brought out from inside... We sat there in the
summer night watching the clear stars and the skys and we
baegan talking it was really gibberish stuff.. All about
what we would do when we grew older and how happy we were
with each other..... Then a cold gust came upon us and she
came nearer to me begging a hug well...... you probably can
guess what happened next.... Yes we did it.... On the patio
of her house on a nice warm summer night it was just a
perfect way to lose your virginity...

The next morning.. well midday I awoke from her bed (We
moved in about 3 in the morning up to her room) I went down
stairs and made us both a couple of cups of coffee.. She
came don on shorly afterward and we sat there just looking
at each other and whisperinf "I Love you's" at each other.
Well I had to go home after that and you should have ssen
the grin on my face !!! I was delirious...

I did not do the lads thing though and phone all my friends
and tell them about what happened... So many lads would
have called it a triumph but I felt....... really in love
at the time and I felt that it should be only kept between
me and her.... (needless to say I was pestered for ages to
tell all at 6th form)

Well that was the pinacle to this relationship..... After
which it was rapidly deteriorating. I really first noticed
it when she went to Prague on her economics school trip
before she left she was really sweet and kind and she was
always coming round. But afterwards she was a different
person it was almost scary..... I decided to ask her about
it but she said it was nothing and I was just worrying over
nothing but eventually after 6 months and 4 days she phoned
me up (At this point she would not even come to see me)and
called the whole thing off. Actually it was really out of
the blue. Well we did have a little incident before but at
her house where she wanted to sell her records for a motor
bike but I persuaded her not too (i don't know why now?)
but she said that "things are just not not working out" and.....
(.....sounds familiar?!)

I'll elaborate tommorrow.