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2001-11-29 16:37:46 (UTC)

being alone

this is a poem that i wrote
being alone
do you ever sit down
and you can't get your pen to write? but you know your in
the mood
do you eve4r look at the world trying to find a inspiration
and despair in knowing you can't find one
do you ever wonder why you put on this earth because so far
you've done nothing of any importance.
do you ever try to smile for someone else? but no matter
how hard you try you can't bring yourself to lie about how
you feel.
i would say well no i know i am not alone, but i like being
i like pushing you away
because knowing i am never close to anyone means no one can
hurt me
besides who would want to be close to me?
i hardly ever smile i hardly ever laughy i am not pouplar
i am no ones favorite nor have i wanted to be, but you'll
most likely never be that close to me or me to you
but you will know one way or the other

this poem has been writtin by me amy that mean its mine NOT

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