I am a goddess
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2001-11-29 16:33:47 (UTC)


Aaron is bald!!!!!
He still looks cute though.
He has touchy feely hair its all fuzzy.
I still like him though.

Anyway michael is still a wanker. hes now taken to eating
his dinner away from us so we won't notice that he hasn't
had anything decent. For example he had an apple today. I
bet thats all hes going to have.
God i can't stand him at the moment he just look at me and
lauren with utter revulsion in his face. He didn't even say
hey to me today.

Well fuck him. He doesnt want to be helped so he can rot
for all i care. I do not appreaciate being looked at like
im worse than shit. Because im not. If anyones shit its
him, looking like a tall scrawny twig with a face like hes
had a pole shoved up his backside. He has lost all
personality, he used to be so funny so charismatic and now
hes just boring i have nothing in common with him and to be
honest i don't like him anymore.