What's up now?
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2001-11-29 15:48:36 (UTC)

haha...good times

So Interviews for the front desk have been going on, so we
have to call and ask them to do all this random stuff, its
pretty fun :) Ya know, we dont want the BAD deskies...we
want the good ones!!! But yea its fun :) I have called
some people, and they shouldnt get the job, but some are
just SOO cute, especially this girl, Kari, she has such a
cute accent!!!
I didnt have my 11:00 today :) Even though I didnt get to
sleep in, It's still been nice. I signed one of my minors,
AND I finished my rewrite, so now I'm off to rest up so I
can write my paper that's due at 5 :) Have a good day
everyone :)

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