Forgotten Boy

permanent damage
2001-11-29 15:41:33 (UTC)

10am second poost krizpie

Hey,fuck's my journal i'll post as many fuckin
times as i wasnt
man,the things people will write about in a public forum!
Sheeesh,must everyone have homo tendencies? IS it some kind
o'fad to be secretly gay? Methinks if yer gay go for gay....why whimper and simp about am i or am i not?
Get to tossin the salad! Hell,yer already half way there
thinkin about it. Hit the local blue parrot and find
yerself a handsome cabin boy and ride the rosebud till u
can't cum anymore! Geeez,get over it! Anyway,'nuff bout
butt pirates.....I have 4$ and 31 I go home for
lunch in the cold rain or do i go choke down a nasty
burgerdiddle and fries and perpetuate my gastrointestinal
rumblings even further....too many oreos last night....need
to start drinkin again,,,,
mood:odor instilled headache...fuckin irritable
music:sounds like cross between Zappa,Jeff Beck and Zamfir
(ya,no foolin)Actually it's the Groove Collective
wieght:hundred something
hieght:less than 6 more than 5
eyes: 2
last book read:50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship (Dali)
last tune hummed: Let's Get Lost (Diana Krall vocals)
Quote of the moment: :I see figgers,strange figgers..."
When my love is near...darling...ect.

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