Dirty Fractyl
2001-11-29 15:27:32 (UTC)


So, today is an important day. I have a job interview at 2
in downtown Orlando, and I am hoping that goes well. I
really need a job, so I can get my car fixed, so I can get
up and see Sarah soon, so I can get people good Christmas
presents! It's a necessity! This one doesn't pay
particularly well, $8/hr, but it is better than what I am
making right now--$0/hr!--so I guess I shouldn't complain.
Besides, I may get a better offer since I did do quite a bit
of applying a couple days ago. In any case, this is the
first step towards Tennessee, too. And that's reason for
celebration in itself.

I went to watch my lil' bro's game last night. He had a
great first quarter, scoring 8, and then they put the
shackles on him, double teaming him the rest of the way.
His teammates weren't knocking down their open looks, and
they ended up losing by 8. His stroke at the foul line
wasn't great either, he went 1 for 6, so that would have
made a difference if he had hit 5 or all 6 like he normally
does. Oh well, season opener, they'll have better games to

I'm going to the Magic game tonight with my friend Tommy.
That should be a lot of fun :) He scored free tickets from
someone he knows. Hopefully they can pull a victory out
against 6-6 Boston, but there are no guarantees with the way
the Magic have been struggling defensively.

Ah, and all the rest of those problems that were plaguing me
are in the past. And "past is passed." No more worries.

...espero que la paz sea contigo :)