2001-11-29 14:29:18 (UTC)

so i have some shit i am..

so i have some shit i am writing for ya'll about amsterdam
but its not done yet and right now there is the more
pressing issue of what is going on between my legs. i am SO
HORNY. sinse amsterdam actually. it was craziness what that
city did to my already sick and sex deprived self. i
masterbated at least twice a day that weekened and always
had this ACHING down there, and walking past sex shops i
almost wanted to go in and whore myself for a night, or get
a whore for myself, two things i am sadly incapable of ever
doing. but yeah , it has continued. today in class i wanted
to mount the boy sitting next to me. i never really looked
at him that way before, but hes got a shaved head and a nice
face and a lean body and was sitting next to me and being
nice and kidding around and giving me answers and stuff. i
mean, we were touching a little more than what is normal,
legs feet and he grabbed my shoulders when i told
him what was on the quiz and when i asked what time it was i
touched the inside of his wrist but all this is
inconsequntial, i wanted to rip his shirt off and kiss his
chest and kiss his pretty mouth and rub his neck and swallow
his pee pee which i imagine to be around 5 inches, a clean
pretty dick and hes really such a nice boy and so YOUNG. hes
a freshman i think. scandalous. nice fresh meat. and he grew
up in africa, went to an english school. i dunno. i am in
heat. i think i would have wanted anything with a dick that
was sitting so close to me. im not even getting my period i
dont think. ahhhhh!