2001-11-29 13:44:59 (UTC)

Novemeber 29, 2001

I didn't go to school today. I skip school a lot. I'm
really not cut-out for it. Maybe if it started
later..well, anyway. I sort of got in a, er, tiff with
Rusty last night. We always end up having the relationship
talk. Actually, we never really talk-talk, he just hints
around....dances around on the surface of the subject and
then says something like, "Let's change the subject" or
"Annnyways....." That makes me soo mad. I don't think he
understands how much I like him, ya know? He says he still
cares about me.....and thats the thing that makes the least
sense. Why is he being such an idiot? He acts like he
can't have me, when I couldn't be offering myself to him
more! He thinks we're "more than friends" and that our
"relationship is evolving"...well, maybe not after I got
mad at him last night. He doesn't want to mess around with
his seductive ex because he thinks it will hurt me and he
cares so much about me and we are so close....I was
flipping out. We're just friends, so why should "we"
prohibit each other from fooling around with other people?
I've had my share of adventure, he can just go ahead. I
must admit, it would bother me a LITTLE bit, but the
reasons he was giving make no sense. Technically, we are
just I say go for it. Anyways, I am gonna
go. I hope he reads this!

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