My Life
2001-11-29 13:34:34 (UTC)

he called last night

After i got off the computer and the phone last night I had
a message waiting. The farmer called when he got home. He
said he wanted to let me know he made it home safe, said
something about I probably had my pretty head already on the
pillow. Thanked me for the gift. But why did he really call?
Now I'm embarrassed a little because of the song and what I
told him and also because I'm so disappointed in him. I
don't even want to talk to him now. But what was the pretty
reference, is he telling me he is interested? I don't know,
and today, I'm going to try and not care.

Terry's on the road, not sure when he'll be home but he's so
sweet. I have to remember to accept the good stuff, get rid
of the inferior.