My rather boring life
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2001-11-29 13:16:29 (UTC)


What am I arghing about? Well last night, I have WAY too
much to eat. From 9:00 to 12:00 I did nothing but eat! I'm
a little piggy ^_^

What else am I arghing about? If Nathan doesn't stop being
so likable, I'm gonna hop on a plane to Indiana and make
him marry me ^_^

What else am I arghing about? I have class at 9:30 *whine
whine pout*

What else am I arghing about? Alarm clock no baka! I was
having such a nice dream until it WOKE ME UP.

My dream? Oh, nothing *blushes* ^_^ It wasn't a dirty
dream. It was just a cute little dream about *sigh* a
certain someone in Indiana ^_^;

He sent me some picture of himself. I'm gonna smack him
upside the head! He kept saying all this "I'm ugly this and
that" stuff. Nonsense! I think he's adorable ^_^ But that's
just my humble opinion ^_^

Hmmmm... Nothing esle to argh about, so I suppose I could
umm.... I dunno! I have 45 minutes before I need to get
ready. Maybe I'll eat again ^_^

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