Forgotten Boy

permanent damage
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2001-11-29 13:06:44 (UTC)


Have "Night Song" (a nocturne or serenade by definition)
nearly worked out. The last 4 bars still a little weak but
should have that together after tonights session. I should
write you another long multi-page letter,(in my usual
secretive mirror writing?)as I generally do this time of
year but I don't know if I have the desire to putmyself
through all that again. The last one took me nearly a month
to complete with all the illustrations and photos and
research. I wouldn't hesitate if I knew it would be fully
appreciated but I'm not sure it would be. After how long an
absense does a friend stop being a friend and become just
somebody you used to know? EVER? Who knows. It's nearly
Christmas and this next 4 or 5 week period always sends me
into a tizzy from nostalgia and unfullfilled desires.
I have several new compositions I could send you but not
being sure you can read music I'd have to tab them all out
and that would take time...time....TIME....the mobious
vortex of constant fluctuation....the question not being
what time but WHEN IN TIME....everythings happening all depens on When in time you percieve
something. It's still raining. It's Thursday 8am and I feel
like shit.

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