Evil Elvis
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2001-11-29 12:52:46 (UTC)


I am immersed in the week from hell....

Things started badly on Monday, my birthday! IT was a good
birthday, got some smashing pressies and stuff, but work
has just been a real bitch this week. Things that should
have been done haven't been, things that have been done
have had to be redone twice and other disasters! I swear i
don't get paid enough for the job I do...not helped when
your boss fucks off and leaves me in charge of the whole
project-excuse me, but when did I become manager?!?!? MORE

Apart from work...well there is no apart from work at the
moment..well not exactly, but it feels like all I'm doing
is working, eating and sleeping (or not as the case may
be!) I reckon I've cursed myself by talking to joe about
his insomnia, I've not been able to get to sleep for the
last 2 nights...this is a bad thing!! Will speak to Laura
(my mate in Edinburgh) tomorrow, she's well into herbal and
homeopathic remedies so will try and see what she recommeds
for Joe, then I can steal her ideas and patent them
(HAHAHAHA!!!) or just try them myself...yeah that's
probably a better idea!!

Got some ideas for song constructions in bed last night,
will try them out later tonight, see how it all sounds...it
sounded pretty damn good in my head tho :)

On a down note....think I'm getting a cold or flu or