Savage Garden
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2001-11-29 12:46:03 (UTC)

I had a bad day again!

Yesterday was the worse!

I was on the train yesterday and was going to work.

I ALWAYS mind my own bussiness.

But it seems this guy didn't think I was!

He walked up to me just as the train stopped he grabbed my
purse and some other ladies and took off.

I NEW purse I had bought the other day! You know thosedenim
ones with rhinestones on them ?

I paid $25 for it!


I criedright then and there. Not becuase I'm materialistic,
I cried cos I lost about $100 in CASH!

All my credit cards and my cellphone and my drivers license.

My life sucks!

I had a few other none expensive things in there like a pen
with my name LIZ on it and some book.

Now I am even MORE depressed.

That wans't even the worse of my day. Cops said they would
LOOK for the guy, which means if they were on their way and
they spotted him, then they get him, otherwise it was MY
problem. ( Not that they ACTUALLY said it to me, but
sometimes you JUST know!)

Ok so I went to school, depressed as all hell. Sat in class
and guess what! Pop quiz! Since when did that happen ? I
wasn't prepared! The fucking bitch grinned at me and slapped
the paper on my desk. I HAD to take it, even after I told
her my ordeal. I think she told me to get over it, this was
school and I have to take the test or not and get a nice big
o'l ZERO!

Ok so then I had no money for lunch, not like I would have
eaten anyway. I don't eat when depressed, yes yes, I
know..I'm such an attention wanter. But I don't have an
eating disorder. I just hate to eat cos then I have to puke
and I rather spare myself the grossness.

Ever see the bathrooms in some schools ?

When I got home my mom was bitching. I told her to shut the
fuck up. Which more or less REALLY hurt her feelings and she
went into her room and cried! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I
cursed at a 5 month pregnant woman, who just wanted me to go
and get her oatmeal cookies.

Not that I did it out of spite, I was upset!

I went to MY room and looked at the door.

Seems my mom had fun 'RE-DECORTAING' it. On the door it said
MY DREAMS. I looked the words up and down and here are some
of the quotes.Some I find retarded and some I find useless
and some are nice.

'If you want the rainbow; You have to put up with the rain.'

'To succeed; You have to pass failure.'

'If you don't lay down; Nobody can walk over you.'

'The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.'

'God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to

'Attention to health is life greatest hindrance.'

'The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your

That's just some. I know that last one is Albert Einstein.
The other's I have NO clue! The poster doesn't have the
names of others on it, But I know that quote from art class.

Anyway that was my day.

I hope tommorrow is better, It just has to be!