Do I get my lap dance now?
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2001-11-29 12:26:34 (UTC)

Was I out of my head?

Oh man. Tonight was so cool. I passed out twice. Well,
fainted. I've never done that before. It was such a
trip. I wanna do it again. Like, I'll be walking down the
hallway, minding my own business, and then it gets really
really hot, and then stuff starts spinning, and then I wake
up and I'm on the floor! It's so cool. Oh my gosh, I need
to faint more often. I just don't know what made me do
it. I'm not on any drugs, alcohol, nor am I sick. I just
keep falling over. Ha ha. Fainting is so fucking rad. My
mom thinks I've been popping pills. Yeah, like I'm dumb
enough to do it at home.
Ooh! And I'm *so fuckin' close* to getting my own place.
So fucking close!! I'm beyond pumped. I just don't want
to hafta tell my parents. That'll be so awkward. I'm
worried about my doggie, too. I mean, I'm totally gonna
buy her food before I buy my own, that's not the problem.
I just know dogs don't adjust well to moves. Or
something. Like, they go nutty and get depressed. She'll
have her bed and everything, and there's a beach right down
the road she can walk on, and she'll probably get her own
bedroom and won't have me kicking her in my sleep every
night. She should be happy. Right? Right. That's what
I'll tell myself. And I'll tell her that, too.

And my fingernails keep breaking, too. What do I need?
Calcium? Yeah, calcium helps nails, doesn't it? I'll go
drink some milk right now. Lots of it.

current mood: creative
current tune: The Offspring - Pretty Fly
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