Moi life
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2001-11-29 11:57:49 (UTC)


well bla has happened, i still dunno wat is reallt up wit
tris but dats so old now BUT!!!!..........there is this guy
i like called nic and he is n old family friend, yr above,
really sweet! he just txt me!!!!!! AWWWWW! nats sed she
thort sumting woz gonna happen dis summer cos aparantly he
woz really nervouse bout meeting up wit me n his bro woz
teasing him bout it! we r gonna go c a film in da winter!
neway i cant wait to go bk home but i am at boreding skool
and here 4 another two older sis boreds here
aswell. it really crap but hey, i gonna move at 6th form. 2
b a day girl where i live.
better go!
lots a love Jewels

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