ItWouldn't Matter

ThOUgHtS FrOm tHe CoRnEr
2000-11-16 22:00:25 (UTC)

Everyone sees this world as a..

Everyone sees this world as a big joke... people would rather not
think about the others pushed away for being different or having
problems. They don't want to deal with real problems; they want to
get pity about their latest break-up with some nameless "hottie".
They tell people they want to kill themselves so they have twelve
shoulders to cry on about it. Guess what? I have NO one in my house
who even has morals as far as I know.. I have one real friend with
depth,and I can't ever change it!And that's lucky. There are people
here that die, starve, and have no family! No one who cares at all!
And we sit around on our high horses talking about dates and clothes
when the government could be starting monarchy all over again. We
don't care! Everyone's a nameless hormone driven zombie who follows
the trends of society with all the Abercrombie and American Eagle and
pop music. Who can't people understand others? If you don't all dress
the same and think and talk and act and look and eat and BE the same,
you're shunned! People are so ignorant, I can't stand it. I watch
chatrooms and websites where all people can talk about is sex,
clothes, pop, and money. Are we all corporate whores now!?!? I hate
it. I really, really, hate it.