What Would YOU Do With a Drunken Sailor?
2001-11-29 05:20:59 (UTC)

People I never want to see/talk to/hear about ever again Part VIII

8. Rebekah Quesada. She's still under the influence that
I'm her bestest bud in the whole wide world. Bullshit.
She's nice to me when there's something in it for her.
Sorry, dear, that's not friendship, that's trying to take
advantage of someone. I have a candy bar in my lunch?
She'll be the sweetest thing on the face of the earth. She
needs help on her homework? She swears to love me forever.
However, if I refuse to give her the candy bar or help her,
suddenly I'm the hideous selfish bitch from hell, and she
has MUCH better friends than me.
Preferably ones with candy bars.
She can't figure out how far to take things. Throwing one
paper towel at the back of my head isn't very pleasant, but
I can tolerate it. Using the whole roll to pelt me with the
damn things, however, is very annoying. Why can't she see
that? I mean, I know she's a fucking retard, but have some
common sense.
And she's a braggart as well. 'You only got a 3.76 GPA? Ha,
I got 3.86!' ... Explain to me why I should GIVE a fuck?
The whole week after we got our report cards, she went
around asking everybody what their GPA was, just so she
could tell them that she did better.
Rebekah, dear, remind me WHO'S in Honors Algebra, and who's
only in Pre? That's right. Good girl.
'Well, I'm in Wind Ensemble, and you don't even take band,' she
excuses herself smugly.
'That's because they don't HAVE piano players in band,' I
explain to her sweetly.
'Exactly. I...'
I walked away at that point, partly because she wasn't
making sense, and partly because I am so.fucking.sick of
her 'I'm better than you, I don't care what you do and the
only time I'll pay attention to you is when I can say I did
better than you. Oh, yeah, my shit smells better than
yours, too' attitude. If I try to tell her about something
I did well on, she'll be like 'Oh, that's nice. Hey, are
you going to eat that...?' But if she does the same thing
afterwards: 'Guess what? Yeah, isn't that great! ... I
don't CARE if you did that or not, I bet I did better than
Next time she gets so uppity, I'll tell her to shove that
damn ego of hers up her ass. ... Oh, wait, it wouldn't fit,
and her ass is HUGE. Sort of puts her into perspective,
doesn't it?

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