2001-11-29 05:05:24 (UTC)

what's up?

Hey everyone! whats up? not too much here, i got outta the
hospital from my neck surgery saturday night!! Im in a lot
of pain, and im having a rough time, dont worry im alright.

Anyways im pretty much bored as hell like usual.
I wanna give a shout out to Marissa (Hey babe) heh, and
Steph! and Rach (Word up) lol

Sry if this is short but i only have about 20 seconds
before i need to be in bed, i feel like shit anyways.

Oh and Riss, ill be expecting your letter tomarrow! and if
its not there im gonna cry! :( heh. well ill see ya'll

Peace out
Adam Signing Out
See ya

Love ya Riss,Stephy, and Rach!
I miss you girls already.

Hit me back just to chat, sincerely yours Adam

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