Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2001-11-29 04:58:29 (UTC)


Hey hey! This is gonna be kinda interesting-- spelling out
my life for other people.. but I thought it would be cool
so guess what-- Im gonna do it! haha..
Today was a pretty good day. I stayed home from school
b/c my puppy decided to stay as close to me as possible
last night so that I couldnt get comfortable and I got
practically no sleep.. so I slept in until 1 this
afternoon! lol.. it was great! My grandma is staying here
for at least 3 weeks b/c she just had back surgeory and
needs to stay somewhere where she wont hafta do stairs and
someone can come take care of her all day. So today I sat
around w/ her and my aunt debbie.. It was actually pretty
nice to spend a little time w/ them.
Ok so that was good.. but of course-- I just can't live
w/o something to complain about. So here it is: I havent
dated since 8th grade. But I finally decided to try out a
relationship and decided to date my friend Matt b/c I got
all quesy whenever he was around... and after a week and a
half I realized that it just wasnt going to work-- I
couldn't handle all the attention-- Im just crazy like that
I guess.. so I broke up w/ him... and he "took it really
hard". He got all mushy and begged me not to break up w/
him b/c I was the first g/f he's ever had "real feelings
for".. but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do- right?
So I went through w/ it. Then yesterday, not even 5 days
later, he tells me that he has a new girlfriend-- who just
happens to be one of my good friends. And get this-- HE
EXPECTED ME TO BE MAD!! I wasnt mad @ all that they were
dating-- I was a little confused how he could move on so
quick if he liked me that much but not angry @ all.. I mean
c'mon-- I dumped him!! But then I did get mad-- b/c he
expected me to be mad. I mean- what does he think he is?
Some kind of god or something.. how arrogant of him to
think that after I DUMPED HIM that I should be upset that
he has a g/f.. its like my goodness!!! Guys are so stupid..
So thats what I have to say on the stupidity of guys!!
If anyone has anything to say-- like if u agree w/ me or
think I'm just a complete nut for thinking the way I do--
write me.. I totally want to know if I'm the only psycho
who thinks he was just plain gay about the whole thing..