Dark Secrets
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2001-11-29 04:56:30 (UTC)

Dark Sexual Secret

The title may be catchy to you but to me its just too
silly. I will share with you why. You see I have this
secret, from my family. Yes they all think that I am a
virgin, an innocent girl who has never fucked a guy.
Ohhh..but my darlings I have. I lost my virginity when I
was 13 to a guy in his Junior year of high school. It was
interesting, he was my first real kiss. But in bed he was
not very good, so I did not have much fun. Years went by
and then I met another guy. Let's just say he was a "fuck
buddy". Nothing more, nothing less. I guess you can say I
was sort of a slut, because the only reason guys wanted to
be with me was because they figured I was an easy fuck. Boy
were they so wrong.

When I finally met my fiance, it was heaven. I can tell you
that not only does he treat me like a Goddess, but he is
the best in bed. Yes I like sex, its natural. Anyway, the
point is my fiance treats me like a person, every week we
go to dinner or a movie or to watch the sunset over the
mountain. He makes me feel normal. Ok, Ok, so you probably
wanted to hear about something more sexually explicit and
personal. Ok then brace yourself if you are a nun LOL. But
my fiance and I have had sex in public, and people did
watch. Imagine two naked bodies rubbing against eachother,
sweating and panting, moaning and fucking like bunnies, and
enjoying every moment. That makes me hot, but it feels
better when your actually doing it. You probably want to
read more don't you, you perverts? OK, I will leave you
with this. For those who want to get wet or cum, imagine
being licked and sucked on your pussies and cocks, a nice
wet tounge feeling every inch, making you breath harder.
Making you want more, sucking, licking then fucking.
Too bad they think Im a virgin, hehe because I can be a
real slut..if I want to.

Enjoy the ride!

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