My Unknown World
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2001-11-29 04:33:51 (UTC)


Despite my happiness im getting in one of those i dont give a fuck moods which i hate. And Im not gonna say why im in that mood. I might hurt someones feelings. Its not a big deal cuz im laughing about it now. So its all good. It was kinda funny when i fell asleep during a test today i had a freaking wet dream. That was the first for me. But it was funny even though i didnt do my test. I just wish i knew what that dream was about. Oh well. hmm...i wonder if any one is actually gonna read this shit. Things seem to be changing yet at the same time staying the same. ummm whatever. why am i even writing this crap?!?!?!?!?!? Oh maybe cuz its late at night and theres nothing to do and my dumb ass boyfriend fell asleep on me. Oh well I still love him. Guess its time to go to bed now.

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