2001-11-29 04:30:46 (UTC)

Moving and Shaking

Tomorow I get to get up at the glorious time of 3:30 am
to 4 am to get my things packed and then get in a car and
drive to the airport and enbark on a day of fun filled
plane travel. Blah. Other than that..it should be nice..the
nightmare of packing is almost completely over and I will
be getting packages of the rest of my belongings for a
couple of months. Joy. But oh well..that's what I get for
moving across the county again.
My ex took me and Kira to see Harry Potter..excellent
movie..now I need to read Kira's book so I can see how
close to the story it is in the movie to the book. I highly
suggest it..even though my ex complained it was too long.
Anyway..that's really all I have to talk about..see ya.

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