the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-11-29 04:25:34 (UTC)

indecent exposure

ok so im gonna kill the ass who decided it would be funny
to sign on my screen name and send people porn sites
if i get into any trouble what so ever it gonna be bad

NO ONE knows my password this really sux
i had some guy email me and say that he was gonna report me
if i didnt take him off my list
i dont even have a list
im so confused

i have a bio test tomorrow and im cramming for it and then
i have to learn an entire narration script for tomorrow
night b/c someone backed out last minute
ill just be happy when finals are over and i can relax for
an entire month

but im gonna jet and get this studying done so i get a
great grade on the test
night all love all

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