What's up now?
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2001-11-29 04:21:37 (UTC)

Wednesday? I think it is at least....

Its been a long week already!!! I havent been all that
busy, but its been busy...I've been studying in almost all
of my free time...Its good though, I'm finally learning
what western civ is all about.....good, 2 weeks left and i
FINALLY get it, sucks....but the library is great, they
just need some white noise in there :) Hmmm....I went to
have history club today( yeah I'm a nerd) but we didnt have
it I guess, so instead Ben and I went to the Cultural event
in the was fun :) Then I went back to the
Library :) Ooooh fun!!! Oh and Rachel and I painted our
brick that I stole yesterday, its sooo cute :) yea!! and
Bring it on is on, we are soo sad, we know the whole movie
by heart...yea! Anyways I have HW...but no 11:00 tomorrow,
but I do have to be somewhere at 830...but then its back to
bed! yea!!!! I miss Trish and Erika...

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