Diary of a Mad Heather
2001-03-30 04:01:42 (UTC)

Hiya. Well, MEDA was a success..


Well, MEDA was a success -- even though it was quite nerve-
wracking. I was nauseated with nerves on the ride there,
and I really wanted to bail. But I didn't! Purty cool of
me, eh?

Anyway, I met with Michelle Goldberg, a social worker who
is also the assistant director of MEDA. There was an
intense assessment first, with probing, deep questions that
allowed her to get a clearer picture of my situation -- and
whether or not I really had an ED. I guess some people who
come in actually DON'T have EDs and get turned away. Ya
gotta wonder if they're happy to hear they're ED-free or
disappointed. Sick chick, this "Ana."

So, after the assessment was done (and boy, was it long!),
she confirmed the diagnosis that was made a year ago
(duh!), and we went over the next steps. Time to build me
a treatment team! For now, my team will consist of a
therapist (who is pretty much the team leader), a
nutritionist, a primary care physician, and the leader of
whatever group therapy I get into (UGH!). They'll all work
together to help me recover, and I have to sign a release
that will allow them all to discuss my case with each other
as they see fit.

MEDA also offers support groups for family and friends of
ED sufferers, so I think my mom might check it out.

Cool :)

After MEDA, we came home, ate lunch (scrambled egg white,
one piece of toast, and a soy "sausage" patty), and then
went back out and I got to reaquaint myself with the lovely
Barnes & Noble on Route 1! Man, I spent so much time there
in the past... I used to skip class and spend the day
curled up on a chair with a good book. Today I bought a
writing book (always interested in fine-tuning my writing
skills!), and a book of American short stories. Can't wait
to dig in later!

It was a pretty decent day, although I'm struggling a bit
with what I ate -- feels like a ton today. Plus, I've been
too tired and weak to work-out, which never makes me
happy. On the plus side, I smell REALLY good!

Gotta love being a girl! ;)