solitude, sweet solitude
2001-11-29 03:53:08 (UTC)

contemplation..the key to failure?

im in deep thought tonight. i appologise to
everyone.everyhing that was said in the last entry was
wrong. my friends do care about me a great deal, i guess
dpression is a bda thing huh? i have a thing due tomorrow
in temples class...40 points and i dont understand it at
all, its too late to call meghann and ask her about it so
im pretty much fucked. in a nutshell its SUMMER SCHOOL
written all over it...or i could just take like the first
semester all over agian. who the hell knows right? i surely
dont. i think im going to have to drop business managment
next semester and take latin II second semester all over
agina because i failed it last year and i think i ahve to
have 2 years of 2 languages to get a core 40 diploma right?
i dunno. i had to cancel plans with my pookie bear tonighyt
because i feel like shit and im soooo tired its not funny.
holy shit im tired. well i have a lot of shit to get done
in the next hour so im out.
just know that i love you all...each and everyone of you in
a different way!