Damsel in Distress

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2001-11-29 03:43:16 (UTC)


ok, Andrea Colban...4.7 gpa, involved in several activities
including mock trial and community service at the hospital,
well rounded person, great friend, just applied to all
these colleges (stanford, ucberkeley, ucla, harvard, and
yale). she is a genius. she always kept me on track. she
was so positive saying it will get better. she is 17 and
her boyfriend is 18 or 19. he is a student at uc berkeley,
but he dropped out two weeks ago he dropped out in a way he
could always go back. they ran away together. the IB
program is so tough and rigorous, the teachers purposely
pile on the work worse than college work. they pressure the
students, and the parents pressure the students also. the
parents and some teachers didnt understand, but the
students felt so good that someone finally broke the
tension. she ran away with jesus (her boyfriend). i wish
her the very best and im concerned for her safety, and i
wish that jesus is not charged with kidnapping since she
was under 18. hehe go andrea and jesus.

for those with a broken heart...
imagine the person u love a far and distant star in the
no matter what mountain you hike or what plane u fly u will
never be able to reach it...i realize that T is my star...i
will never be able to reach him...and i hope our friendship
is not slipping away. T is the one that ive wanted and
longed for for over a year, and i guess i cannot have him.
i guess i should say this. T if you ever read this i loved
you so much, and it hurt to see you go away, but i still
love you although im not in love with you. this is my
goodbye to the wishes of being more to you than just a
friend, but i will settle for your friendship. you mean
more to me as a friend than anything. for your friendship,
i love you. i will always be there for you as a friend, and
i hope that you would be there for me to.

i dunno where to go from that note it was so serious. i
guess i am completely struck with silence and utter
screaming of my thoughts. well, thats all for today.
-damsel in distress