i guess this is what u want to read..
2001-11-29 03:36:55 (UTC)

uh just an ok day..

woke up late...got to the bus stop on time..waited with the
stupid people..rode the bus to school..went to pd. A..did
some work...went to pd. B drew some drawings...went to
lunch.."ate"...went to pd. C2C3..omg that class was sooo
freaking boring bc we didnt do ne thing..went to pd.
D..knew all of the answers had to help people with their
questions on the worksheet...stayed in pd. d for pd. e..it
was exciting..not!...lol...went home..ate some pizza..got
on the internet..at like 5 something i called mandy..bc we
didnt get to talk long last night..after talking to her i
went to wal-mart..bc i was bored..then came home and mandy
called me..lol..(she was tellin me all kinds of funny
things..like 33..and her bf now..ohh shes a funny girl..ne
way..my freaking phone died again! had to run to liz's room
to use her phone..mandy called me back just to say bye..
(how nice!!) hehe...then i got yelled at by my dad bc i
made the phone die..he said that i talk on it too
much...which is a lie bc i only talk to 2 different
people..so..DUH!...ugh..after i got yelled at i watched
some tv...then i went up to my room and got out all of my
artwork from last year..hah dont ask y bc i dont know...and
finally i am typing this very thing right now..hahah just
waiting for my dad to yell at me to get off the cp..but im
not going to bc i have nothing else to do...so ill write
again 2marow..bye!.....oh oh oh i forgot TODAY CHRIS
ARM AGAIN!...hah jk...welp bye now

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