My diary
2001-11-29 03:34:11 (UTC)

werid day

Hey, well I have been having a "werid" week this week so
far, first of all. Winter Formal is this weekend! so I have
to figure out what all is going on , I mean like where were
gunan eat, and how we are gunna get there, this is
Crazyness!!! oh well anywayz, im tired and feel like shit,
but its all good i guess. I was looking at past emails
from Emilio....=(, where he promised to love me and to be
with me thrugh good times and BAD! he said he would love me
forever!, is that happening? NOOOO. well other than that
school sucked ass, and I went swimming after school for
about a half an hour, that was ok, Apollo said that he was
going to go, but then he never showed up, oh well its all
good, well anywayz im gunan go nothign really happend
today, so ill write tommrow maybe okie dokie?

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