2001-11-29 02:59:01 (UTC)


today was a pretty good day despite my waking up early. by
the time i was fully awake....hehe. so there i am at school
and wouldn't you know i tried to talk to eric but he did't
really talk to me that much. it's an every other day thing
i think. liek we'll talk, i'll think there's a chance for
our friendship, then the next day it's like he doesn't care
at all. it seems like the only time he wants to aknowledge
me is when he's having girlfriend problems. oh well he's
bound to have one agian sometime soon and i can go on
pretending like i'm being there for him because we both
care about our friendship and one day it will work out.
anywho that was first block..and hey that's a lotta
thinking for that early in the morning. second i typed my
college essay, studied for pre calc test, and checked my
email...then thrid i checked my email. then....i went to
the library...then i came home, watched the simpsons talked
to my mom (fun stuff) oh yeah and had my violin lesson. i
got home work. for violin. now i'm going to play bass and
study for my math test. and get up early to finish it on my
last half day of the whole entire year. if you thought i
wanted to kill people before you should see me now....but
i'm not actually i am in a good
mood. so leave a message and let's keep it that way...hehe.