Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-11-29 02:58:38 (UTC)


Yesterday was our marvelous Anatomy field trip to Life
University, where after thr scintillanting tour of the
campus, we got to look at cadavers!!! That part was
pretty cool, especially the woman who turned into a man...
lol. Elana and I had so much fun. She's really funny. We
hung out with Katie and Steven when they weren't cuddling,
and also with Ryan, which was very cool (We did lunch (:,
yay!) and got to miss the whole day of school except for
1st, although my stupid Lit group decided we should
set "othello" during the 70's, and so now I need to find a
liesure suit, or something...

I finished "The Return of the King" last night, which made
me cry... very good, although there was some stuff that
bothered me, and some stuff I think I missed. I'll have to
reread the trilogy sometime.

Bryan stayed after for math today too, which was also very
cool... once again, calculus bonding time... I know nothing
turns a guy on more than derivatives...

And yes, we have confirmation... Amy is bi too... she
thinks. Which is kind of nice to know, just because I have
someone I can relate to, ya know? I know a bunch of gay
guys, and only one gay girl, and no other bi ones (although
I could just be missing it because I have the worlds
worst "gay-dar"). So yea.