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2001-03-30 02:52:10 (UTC)

Dear Diary, The below is..

Dear Diary,

The below is something someone who had read my entries
left as feedback:

Would you want your children to be slaves? How could you
give this as a example of life for your chlidren? Everyone
has a right to do as they wish with there lives, but when
you have children you have lost some of that right. Love
your self and your children, not some guy getting off on
being "master". Slavery was abolished for a reason. It
sounds like your a very nice person. I hope you find your
strength within.

Actually, i never found strength till i gave into my
inner desires to be owned.......i can see how someone who
is not in this lifestyle might see it
kids have no idea mommy is a Man's them, she
fixes boo-boos and makes sure they have what they need in
life........and that will not change even when Master moves
in........the children will also get to see what it's like
when two ppl love one another.......something they didn't
see with their dad and me........and they will learn what
it's like for one person to have respect for
another.......all in all, not a bad lesson in
i raising my daughters to be
slaves? i be upset when they are
grown if they came to me and told me they had chosen an
alternative lifestyle? again.......for being in
this life has proven to me that the world is full of both
bad and good all walks of
life........Master, i thank the Heavans nightly for having
found You and been allowed a place in Your
life........words cannot express the feelings which have
taken over my heart........i simply know that i love You.


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