The Nine Faces of Dave
2001-11-29 02:55:03 (UTC)

waiting for a factory girl

As I type this, I'm sitting here reading archives from
X-Entertainment and listening to my mp3s. So, it's a
typical evening, but coupled with an interesting day.

First off, at school, one of my Indian friends came over the
P.A. to yap about the canned food drive. He put on a really
thick accent and made some great jokes about India.
He is one of my more comedically gifted friends.

There was a QuizBowl match today. We were close going into
the last round, and then proceeded to beat our opponents
like red-headed stepchildren. The squad was picking up
points left and right, answering questions like mad. It was
one of our more satisfying victories.

Afterwards, I had to hurry to my computer science class in
which there was an exam. The test proved to be quite easy,
and I got out early.

In other news, my father tells me some girl called for me,
but wouldn't leave a name or phone number. This is most
odd, but who knows, could mean I won't be spending this
Saturday night doing the same thing I am now.