even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-29 02:52:56 (UTC)

talk about it talk about it

so.. today was kind of terrible, but im feeling better now,
i don;t knwo why.. i had to wake upo early and , well not
early, school normal time.. i don;t want to think about
today really, im tired, and this typing thing, basi run
down, wat liunchk which was super cold, mike said he was
gonna join the marines too, like aum and sam, and that
really upset me that all my boys are, potentially, goign
off to the fucknig marines... lke, i cried abotu it later
toay, not a whole lot, but a little, at the denstist
office, where i was sad anyway cause my teeth are total
shit an di need all sorts of like, help, cause they are
gross and decayish.... the denstist did give us a fresh
loaf of bread htough, whihc was nice, so then we went
shopping,c ause it was jjuts mom and i, and idon;t weven
knw o why i go shopping, cause things dont; fit me, and it
only makes me feel bad, cause i get all excited, and its a
let down... and i was really cold today... coming in from
lunch which was sad anyway, and super cold, i was like,
shaking, i made andrew frieman trade me his jacket for my
hoodie, he was super warm.. and i was not... but then i
was.. and it was nice.. i left a note in the pocket that
says smeothing like, frieman, your my savior! who needs
jesus when they have andrew? and then some stuff about
mricacles and walking on water and coul he do it? and even
if he ocund;t, i woudlnt; think any less of him.. hes a fun
boy.. and jeremy meece, today i was like, meeeeece! don;t
back away! i got nothing but love! and i think he responded
nicely.. but.. its dinner time, and im feeling better...
alex got an eami form tagge, im jealious, hes fun, and im
glad alex got his email, at least... i llike boys.. yes i
do... and i really liek my boys, and i dont; want them to
die, i really an concerned with them and the marines, cause
they "want to kill people, don;t worry katy, we wont die,
we'll kill everyone before they can kill us" and i was
like, guys! ahh i love you no dieing! but thats for antoher

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