My Super Terrific Life
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2001-11-29 02:51:55 (UTC)

The Start

So this is where I begin.
I am leaving in a month to go to England. I will be there
for four months. I'm quite excited about it and a little
nervous at the same time. I know I'm gonig to miss some
people and there are some I can't wait to leave behind.
I'm going to meet lots of new people and have lots of fun.
More fun than I would staying in Indiana, that's for sure.
Two of my best friends are going with me and that is
exciting. The downside is that I'm leaving my boyfriend
behind. I love him with all of my heart and I'm really
going to miss him. But he's planning on visiting me in
March and I'll be home just before his birthday. I'm such
a picky eater and that thought keeps lingering in the back
of my mind. My friend Jackie just got back in May and she
said that they don't really believe in breakfast cereal
over there. Breakfast cereal is my one dietary staple. I
eat cereal almost on a daily basis. I don't know what I'll
do without it. But at least I'll lose a few pounds and be
absolutely fabulous when I make my triumphant return to the
US. I'm in a frenzy trying to get things organized to go.
I have three days to get my passport, airline ticket,
physical, and an assload of extra photographs. Plus finals
start next week and I have about three months of work to do
in the next five days. All that to do and I'm creating
this thing. I guess that's me for ya. A.D.D. Girl out in
full force. I'm supposed to be writing a marketing paper
or doing a lab for geography. I could be playing catch-up
with my advertising homework or working on my huge
sociology project. And none of my work is hard, really.
It's just...boring. Why is it so hard to motivate
yourself?? Why don't they just invent an anti-
procrastination pill that makes me want to do my work? I
do have some motivation. I work out on a near daily
basis. That takes some discipline. I just can't seem to
make myself sit down and concentrate on studies. Right
now, I just want to go home and wait on the new year to
roll around. It's cold, it's rainy, and I live in a
dilapitated dorm. I just want to go to Matt's apartment
and curl up with him and drink some hot chocolate. But
no. I'm stuck in a closet-sized computer lab with the
single most cynnical girl on the planet. She will say she
hates puppies and sunshine just to be negative. But that's
okay. It's just temporary. Everything is just temporary,
really. Things come and things go and the only thing that
stays the same is the fact that things change. But
anyway. I'm off to figure out how to fake a physical and
get fee copies of my passport photos. And maybe get some
work done before sleep sets in.

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